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"It is not the strongest of the species who survive, not the most intelligent, but those who are the most adaptive to change." - Charles Darwin

CRS in brief

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Corporate Renewal Solutions is a black economic empowered management consulting firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


BEE scorecard

In terms of the dti's BEE scorecard, CRS is a Level One Contributor with a BEE recognition level of 110%, a Qualifying Small Enterprise (annual turnover less than R35m, and is more than 30% black women owned.  For more information about our B-BBEE credentials, see About Corporate Renewal Solutions.

As a management consulting firm, Corporate Renewal Solutions has since 1999 specialised in corporate renewal.

CRS manages change at all levels of company health and decline, including continual corporate renewal of successful companies, business transformation of under-performing companies, turnaround of distressed companies, and business rescue of insolvent companies.

The core expertise of Corporate Renewal Solutions is the rejuvenation of businesses through programmes of altering the way they do business. 

Our corporate renewal projects formulate and implement integrated leadership, strategic, financial, organisational and operational change on a company-wide basis.

An essential feature of our corporate renewal approach is the alignment, buy-in and ownership of leadership and employees achieved through transformational change management.

Our corporate renewal services

Our corporate renewal consulting services are aligned with at all levels of corporate health and decline, from successful to under-performing to distressed businesses. 

Scroll through our corporate renewal consulting services below for more information on how we sustain and restore corporate value.

Click on the picture to view our corporate renewal consulting services at different levels of corporate health.

Corporate Renewal Solutions services

To find out more about our corporate renewal philosophy, see About corporate renewal.

Who should talk to us about corporate renewal?

Talk to us if you need to sustain or restore corporate value.

"Need to adjust to changes in the market-place?"

Healthy businesses wishing to proactively adapt the way they do business in response to market-place events or changes in competitive forces. 

This could be as a result of changes in political, economic, social, technological, legal or environmental industry drivers.  Or it can be to counter changes in the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, intensity of rivalry, or threats of new entry or substitution.


"Embarking on large-scale change?"

Businesses that are embarking on large-scale change such as mergers, acquisitions, introducing of new technology, etc. and requiring assistance in company-wide project management and change management.


"Need to improve service delivery?"

Government departments requiring improvement in service delivery and financial performance.

"Emerging problems and early warning signals?"

Moderately under-performing businesses needing professional business transformation expertise to get back on track.


"Acute and worsening problems?"

Severely under-performing businesses needing a more incisive and rapid turnaround solution to improve results.


"In financial distress?"

Distressed businesses needing emergency turnaround management expertise to avoid or survive insolvency.


"Business challenges to address?"

Management striving for better outcomes for the leadership, strategic, financial, organisational and operational business challenges they face.

Our corporate renewal approach

Working with clients to improve the bottom line on a sustainable basis

Be it corporate renewal, turnaround, business transformation or management consulting, our mission is to improve our clients' bottom line on a sustainable basis:


"Knowing where you are and what you are facing."

We help businesses take a fresh look at their industries and markets, how they lead their organisations, how they organise themselves, and how their value chains function.


"Knowing where and what to be."

Knowing where a business is and what it is facing, we help businesses to achieve strategic clarity and organisational and operational alignment thereto.


"Knowing how to get there"

We help businesses to implement the required change throughout their organisations by means of objectives, measures, timelines, targets and initiatives.


"Change management."

We involve the organisation in designing and implementing change, thereby enhancing buy-in and ownership of change.


"Functional expertise."

Our team of change management facilitators do not only work with clients to facilitate change ... but also provide the necessary leadership, strategy, financial, organisational and operational content, skills, competencies and methodologies.

Outcomes of our corporate renewal services

Corporate Renewal benefits to clients are:

"Is this what you want for your company?"

Strategic clarity and direction with a clear vision, mission, competitive strategy, customer value proposition and business model.

A revitalised leadership team able to envision, enable, empower en energise.

A high-performance organisation mobilised around a compelling vision of the future and a clear road map for achievement.

A customer-satisfying sales value chain with streamlined customer management processes.

An efficient supply chain with streamlined operations management and innovation processes.

Efficient support functions - financial, human resources, IT - in support of the primary value chain.

Alignment of strategy, organisation and value chain resulting in improved revenue, reduced costs, improved profitability, and improved return on capital employed... and for government departments resulting in improved service delivery.

Sustainable results - enabled by the skills transfer to and capacity building of the client by Corporate Renewal Solutions, including the transfer of corporate renewal philosophy, tools and methodologies.

Read more about our Corporate renewal experience and Past corporate renewal projects.

What is new?

New business rescue legislation

Read more about new business rescue legislation in terms of its justification and success rate.

For an in-depth assessment of business rescue legislation, the King III Code business rescue recommendations, and business rescue regulations, go to business rescue legislation on the business rescue web site of Corporate Renewal Solutions.

For the latest business rescue developments, see Business rescue in South Africa.

Want to find out more about our team and associates?

Go to About Corporate Renewal Solutions or contact Jan van der Walt.

Opinions on business rescue and turnaround

Jan van der Walt


Jan van der Walt, CEO of Corporate Renewal Solutions, presents his take on new business rescue legislation and turnaround.


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10 July 2011

Quoted in Sunday Times:

27 May 2011

Launch of Neil Harvey's book Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal.

Chapters contributed by Jan van der Walt:

  • "The Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA)"
  • "Turnaround Situations".
  • "Operational Aspects of a Turnaround".
  • "A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation".

26 May 2011

Managing a Turnaround and Corporate Renewal

Venue: Wits Business School, 2 St. David's Place, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2183

Brochure: Managing A Turnaround And Corporate Renewal 2011

"A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation"

15 September 2010

Opinion on Khaya Ngqula's role in SAA's turnaround results.

Ploeg die SAL nog met Ngqula se kalwers? - Sake24

16 - 17 August 2010

Listen to the BNPC Turnaround Seminar Interview with GABZFM Radio broadcast on 11 August 2010.

Newspaper clips:

Venue: Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) headquarters, Gaborone, Botswana.

7 July 2010

Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa Lecture Series


"A Point of View on Business Rescue 2"

12 May 2010

Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa Lecture Series


"A Point of View on Business Rescue 1"

6 May 2010

Managing a Turnaround and Corporate Renewal, Wits Business School.


"Business Rescue: A Turnaround Practitioner’s Perspective"

7 Dec 09

King II Final Report: The requirements and implications for public, private and non-profit organisations (432k).

Cape Town.

"Final recommendations for Business Rescue procedures"

5 Nov 09

Women in Management and Leadership Conference (243k).

"New business rescue legislation as per Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act"

14 Oct 09

Audit, Risk and Governance Summit '09 (501k).


"New business rescue legislation as per Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act"

29 Sep 09

King II Final Report: The requirements and implications for public, private and non-profit organisations (91k).


"Final recommendations for Business Rescue procedures"

16 Sep Leadership excellence and corporate governance conference (1120k)

20 Aug 09

Business rescue: Demystified and Operationalised (422k).

30 Jul 09

Corporate Governance Forum 2009: (269k).

"Analysing the importance of business rescue legislation and its implications for your company"

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The term "corporate renewal" is often interchangeably used with change management, management consulting, business improvement, business regeneration, business renewal, business transformation, corporate transformation and turnaround.