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Our corporate renewal experience

Our corporate renewal experience covers:

  • All the disciplines in corporate renewal:
    • Business transformation.
    • Turnaround.
    • General management consulting.
  • Both the private and public sector.
  • Private sector companies up to R15bn in turnover.
  • A variety of industries (see below).
  • Consulting as well as interim management.
  • Clients in South Africa and neighbouring states.

Having worked as line managers in industry before and after forming Corporate Renewal Solutions, our team members are uniquely positioned to:

  • Interpret issues from the client's perspective.
  • Utilise our knowledge to drive change in an organisation, or to support management in doing so.

A number of our senior members held leadership positions at international management consulting firms before.

Turnaround and business transformation projects

Viability assessment of a state-owned enterprise

Following a viability assessment, successfully recommended that this enterprise, in which some R10bn has been invested, cannot be turned around, and that an exit strategy be implemented.

Turnaround of a R170m turnover/R500m assets aircraft contracting company.

Took over management of the company following a turnaround viability assessment.  Intervention insisted on by half a dozen banks after the company experienced a slump in sales due to the global recession, an unfavourable exchange rate change, and diversification losses. After 6 months, 60% of long-term debt has been repaid.

Turnaround of a R400m infrastructure construction and maintenance company (a State-Owned Enterprise).

Turnaround plan and turnaround kick-start of a severely distressed company caught in a margin squeeze between declining sales and rising costs, and faced with a severe lack of people capacity and capability.  Over a period of 14 months a team of 6 turnaround consultants worked with 6 client counterparts responsible for streams of work including stabilisation, leadership, operations, plant and equipment, strategy, sales and marketing, financial, procurement, organisational alignment, stakeholder management and project management.  Two CRS consultants eventually took line management positions.

Turnaround strategy for a R28bn pension fund to resolve its R650m loss in unlisted investments.

Determined the causes of distress of a strategic, organisational and operational nature across the different investment stages, and recommended a new business model.

Stabilisation and funding of a R400m turnover distressed listed services company.

Following pressure from its banks, advised this company on stabilisation measures and was instrumental in obtaining new equity funding against a turnaround plan.

Emergency management and funding of a distressed services company.

Stabilised, funded and started fixing this business in the capacity of Deputy MD leading a team of 5 consultants.   Three CRS Turnaround consultants took line management positions as Financial Director, marketing manager and HR manager, and another was co-opted onto the Board of directors.  Funding was obtained from the client's bank and the business was sold to a listed company.

Emergency management of a distressed government subsidiary.

Following the suspension of 6 senior executives, stabilised this loss-making business during its emergency management phase in the capacity as acting Managing Director to allow consultants a window of opportunity to formulate a turnaround strategy.

Turnaround of a distressed building products business.

In the capacity of Interim CEO , and leading a team of 6 consultants, stabilised and turned around this distressed company that was facing closure by its bank.  Funding was obtained from the client's bank and the World Competitiveness Fund. 

The company was returned to profitability and positive cash flow within 3 months.  The overdraft decreased by 75% over 9 months and the company was sold after one year, realising substantial gains for its shareholders and with 100% loan recovery by the bank.

Turnaround of a major distressed agribusiness.

Advised a R5bn p.a. turnover agribusiness and its consortium of bankers on a workout strategy.  The business returned to its core business and posted dramatic turnaround results which received wide press coverage.   Furthermore, project managed a multi-disciplinary team tasked with the development and implementation of a turnaround strategy within the R2bn trade division. 

The trade business, which has never been profitable, lost R60m in the past financial year and projecting similar losses for the following financial year.  Instead, after 12 months a R20m profit was posted. 

Emergency management of a distressed FMCG business.

Project managed a multi-disciplinary consulting team that stabilised a distressed company in partnership with a bank and a new management team.

Turnaround of a major loss-making chemical products business.

With two members acting as Interim Deputy MD and Deputy Chairman respectively, and leading a team of 8 consultants, turned around a R400m turnover FMCG subsidiary of a listed group. The company, which has been in the red for 8 years, became profitable within 2 months, and gained 10 percentage points market share in 7 months' time.

Management consulting projects

Strategic options assessment for a State-Owned Enterprise conducted for the Department of Public Enterprises. Due diligence and strategic options assessment conducted by a team of 6 consultants.
Strategy for an agricultural products industry organisation. Alignment, strategic plan.
Strategy for a R1,4bn agricultural products organisation. Clarified roles of board and management, aligned leadership and provided strategic direction.
Efficiency programme for a major mining group. Identified drivers and implemented prioritised initiatives to increase throughput.
Customer service model for provincial government department. Converted customer service excellence values into a model for collecting, capturing, processing and reporting on customer service by means of customer service questionnaires and captured in the Stakeholder perspective of the Balanced Scorecard.
Strategy formulation for an industry association, and its industry. Vision, mission, segmentation, targeting, positioning, customer value proposition, value chain and business model, strategy map and Balanced Scorecard.
Strategy and operations implementation for a new government entity. Vision, mission, customer value proposition, strategy map and balanced scorecard in line with Treasury requirements and driven by transformation needs to become a corporatism entity.  Operations included facilities, capacity, fleet range and fleet management systems.
Business plan for a bank's ATM network expansion. New technology, positioning after research of market demand and competition, roll-out plan.
Strategy formulation for a state owned enterprise. Redrafting of strategy and reconfiguration of value chain in light of legislative changes.
Process and metrics program at a major mining company. Worker orientation in process analysis and worker-driven performance metrics development.
Culture change program at a major mining company. Union-endorsed programmes with workers involving behavioural change within a high-performance team context.
Transformation of the SA operations of an international telecommunications company. Project managed the renewal of the sales, marketing and supply chain functions.  As a result of the renewal project, the SA operations improved to number 2 internationally from number 7 the previous year in terms of its EFQM rating.

Industry experience

  • Aircraft contracting.
  • Advertising.
  • Agriculture.
  • Arms.
  • Automotive.
  • Beverages.
  • Building.
  • Chemical.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Courier.
  • Electronics.
  • Export.
  • FMCG.
  • Food & Beverages.
  • Forestry products.
  • Government.
  • Industry associations.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Mining.
  • Occupational health.
  • Pension fund.
  • Public sector.
  • Road construction.
  • Safety.
  • Security products.
  • Services.
  • State-owned enterprises.
  • Training.
  • Water treatment.

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