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Business rescue consulting services

CRS offers a range of business rescue services in terms of Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act (see Business rescue in South Africa, Business rescue legislation and Business rescue regulations on the website of CRS Business Rescue).

  • Business Rescue and Turnaround Management Masterclasses.
  • Pre-commencement business rescue services to financially distressed companies:
    • Consultations on appropriateness of entering business rescue:
      • Consultations with client and client attorneys.
    • Business rescue seminar/workshop for financially distressed companies:

    Will business rescue work for you? This one-day seminar for your board and senior executives is designed to provide guidance.

    • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of business rescue versus other procedures to save a financially distressed company e.g. sale, merger, workout and compromise with creditors.
    • Overview of business rescue, the process, role of the practitioner, impact on stakeholders.
    • High level assessment of short-term survivability, business rescue viability and business rescue readiness.
    • Recommendations on how to proceed with regard to stakeholder management, selection of the business rescue practitioner, and commencement planning.
    • Business rescue viability assessment:
      • Section 129: Company resolution to begin business rescue proceedings requires a reasonable prospect of rescuing the company as a precondition for voluntarily business rescue through a board resolution.
      • Likewise, after considering an application in terms of section 131: Court order to begin business rescue proceedings the court may make an order placing the company under supervision and commencing business rescue proceedings (compulsory commencement), if the court is satisfied that there is a reasonable prospect for rescuing the company.
      • CRS offers a viability assessment of the prospects of rescuing the company through business rescue, incorporating the legal benefits of the moratorium and right to cancel or suspend contracts other than employment contracts.
    • Pre-packaged business rescue:
  • Post-commencement business rescue services to financially distressed companies:
    • Providing business rescue practitioners for financially distressed companies:
      • CRS business rescue will provide experienced and qualified practitioners to:
        • Take over management of the financially distressed company.
        • Investigate the affairs of the company.
        • Develop, and if approved, implement the business rescue plan.

        Our crop of business rescue practitioners will benefit from:

        • The involvement of Corporate Renewal Solutions in the drafting of new business rescue legislation and regulations, and its involvement in the King III Business Rescue Subcommittee.
        • The turnaround management experience of Corporate Renewal Solution in the informal sector since 1999.
      • Support services to business rescue practitioners:

      The larger the company, the less likely it is that the practitioner alone can manage the company, investigate the affairs of the company, and develop and implement the business rescue plan.

      CRS Business Rescue will provide the required support services to analyse the company, and to develop and implement the business rescue plan to stabilise, fund and fix the company in strategic, organisational and operational terms.

      Additionally, from our network of law firm, CRS will provide the assistance of top attorneys who have been involved in business rescue legislation matters.

For more information, please see Business rescue consulting services and Business Rescue and Turnaround Masterclasses on the web site of CRS Business Rescue.

Turnaround consulting services

Corporate Renewal Solutions offers a wide range of turnaround consulting services for under-performing and distressed companies:

  • Turnaround workshops.
  • Turnaround situation assessment services:
    • Situation assessment.
    • Situation probe.
  • Turnaround implementation services:
    • Comprehensive turnaround implementation programme.
    • Turnaround kick-start service.
    • Quick fix and disposal service.
    • Emergency management service.
  • Interim turnaround management.
  • Turnaround coaching services.
  • Turnaround mentoring services.
  • Small business turnaround services.


For a detailed description of the various turnaround services, go to to Turnaround consulting services on the CRS Turnaround Management web site.

Business transformation consulting services

Turnaround applies to troubled companies.  Turnaround of under-performing companies applies to companies with acute and worsening problems, but having the resources to address their problems.

Distressed situation turnaround applies to companies in crisis due to near insolvency or insolvency, but possibly viable.

Turnaround is driven by acute financial and insolvency considerations. 

It is characterised by emergency management, the need for funding and financial restructuring, more rapid and incisive action than business transformation, a more assertive and directive approach than business transformation, and possible leadership changes rather than mere leadership alignment.

In turnaround, stakeholder management is extended from business transformation's internal stakeholders (management, employees and unions) to financial and external stakeholders such as investors, lenders, suppliers and customers.

For more information, please see Business transformation consulting services on the web site of CRS Business Transformation.

Management consulting services

CRS Management Consulting consults in leadership, strategy, financial, organisation and operations:


  • Leadership alignment.
  • Leadership development.
  • Management assessment.


  • Strategic planning.
  • Visioning.
  • Competitive strategy.
  • Growth strategy.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Operations strategy.
  • Balanced Scorecard.
  • Strategy workshops.


  • Financial modeling.
  • Shareholder Value Added (SVA).
  • Discounted cash flow.
  • Cost of capital.
  • Financial controls.
  • Zero-based budgeting.
  • Financial restructuring.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Raising equity and debt finance.


  • Change management.
  • Organisational design.
  • Team development.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Delegation and decision-making.
  • Career management.
  • Skills / competency audit.
  • Capacity audit.
  • Training and capability development.
  • Reward and remuneration.
  • Performance enhancement.
  • Performance management.
  • Team effectiveness.
  • Empowerment.
  • Transformation.
  • Retention.
  • Outsourcing.


  • Business process re-engineering.
  • New technology introduction.
  • Marketing management.
  • Operations management.
  • Supply chain management.

For more information, go to Management consulting services on the web site of CRS Management Consulting.

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